All About Kids Learning Academy
514 E 75th St.
Chicago, Illinois 60619
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Phone #: 773-892-2800


Our programs are administered by our compassionate and dedicated staff. Our programs are created to nurture your kids’ development and talents. Choose from our dynamic programs for the right care that best suits your precious one.

Age Groups:

Infant – Our infant program provides nurturing assistance in the development of your infant. We support their growth and development through various sensory, fine and gross motor development.

Toddler – Our toddler care program is designed to promote healthy development through creative curriculum and positive guidance.

2 Year Old – We provide a nurturing environment to help our two year olds be healthy, smart, and strong.

3-5 Year Old: Preschool For All/Head Start- We provide an environment where our preschool children can gain independence and explore the world.

School-Age – Our school age children are provided with new challenges and encouragement to support healthy learning and relationships.

To know more about our programs, feel free to call us at 773-892-2800.