All About Kids Learning Academy
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Chicago, Illinois 60619
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Meet Our Faculty

Tess M. OusleyMy name is Tess McKenzie, M.Ed. and I am the CEO/Founder of All About Kids Learning Academy, Inc. I began this early learning program out of the need for quality childcare for my eldest daughter, Breanna. I was fresh out of graduate school when my husband and I welcomed Breanna into this world. We were so excited for her to be exposed to a quality early learning program. However, what we did not realize at time was that on a teacher’s salary, we could not afford the quality care that we expected and deserved.

So, being led by God, we converted the entire first floor of our southwest side home in Chicago into a home day care. We named our home day care All About Kids. Our main goals were to create a learning environment that was fun and inviting by using a curriculum that would prepare children for kindergarten and engage parents so they would become lifelong advocates for their children’s education.

Tess M. OusleyWithin five years of operating a successful program, we saved enough to purchase our first commercial property, a 5,000 square foot space. Five years later, we expanded our facility and opened an infant and toddler program. Shortly after, we acquired another center and named it Lakeshore Learning Academy. Within three years of that acquisition, we acquired another daycare, Love N Learn Academy as well as expand again our first location at All About Kids Learning Academy.

Tess M. OusleySince we began in 1998, we have provided early childhood services for more than one thousand and six hundred families and cared for more than one thousand and seven hundred and fifty children. It has been our ministry. Much of our success comes from God. He has blessed this business with His vision, wonderful and compassionate teachers and administrators, parents, and students. We are a family of learners. We understand the important job that we have been blessed from God, to provide the best early learning experiences possible for all of our children, empower our parents, engage with the community, and provide the best working environment for our staff.

Tess M. McKenzie, M. Ed.

Gwendolyn Cole HarveyHello, my name is Gwendolyn Cole Harvey

I am the mother of three beautiful children, two daughters and one son. Along with my three beautiful children I have six grandchildren. I come from a large family of eight brothers and seven sisters. I have always had a passion for children. I believe that every moment in a child’s life is a teachable moment. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, as soon as I received my degree, I put my belief in effect and begin teaching children.

I have been in the preschool setting for over twenty years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have been an employee at All About Kids Learning Academy for eleven years. I began as a teacher’s assistant, with my dedication and devotion, I was promoted to lead teacher and with the blessing of the Lord, I was recently promoted to Program Director. I feel honored to be recognized by the Executive Director, for my growth potential and the strong passion that I dedicated to children.

Flora GomezHello,

I am Flora Gomez and I have had the pleasure of working with young children for the past ten years. Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was a young child myself. At an early age, I vowed to make a difference in as many lives as possible. I believe that all children are able to learn and that their motivation comes from their own joy of nurture and guidance from their teachers and families, there is no limit to the success our children can achieve.

I started my career as an assistant in a home day care where I developed an infatuation with the way young children grew and learned. Initially pursuing education in another field, I immediately changed my major and later earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and Certification in Early Childhood Education. Since then, I have taught preschool and kindergarten and felt the greatest joy watching the children grow over the years. Over time, my passion for educating children has grown into one of inspiring and motivating teachers in the field of Early Childhood.

Now, as an Infant Toddler Specialist, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds by working directly with teachers, empowering them as they make an impact in the lives of the little ones we care for.

Motivation for the work I do comes from my own two daughters, Kennedi and Kailey, who have taught me most of what I know about children when it comes to learning: “Kids just wanna have fun!”.

LaRissa ReedI am LaRissa Reed, a graduate of Alcorn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Science/Child Development. I have worked with families in the field of child development for almost eleven years. The start of my career began as a tutor then developed as an assistant teacher, then a lead teacher. I have always loved working with children. I obtained a deep passion for serving as an advocate for the families and children that I work with at a very early age. It is my goal to continue to partner with families in the growth and development of their children.
As the current full-time Family Support Specialist at All About Kids, I am excited to continue my passion of working with young children and their families. I believe that children learn best with a proactive support system in place. That system includes the school, teachers, the child, and the family as a whole working together to implement and develop a strong foundation for children to learn. I believe that the field of Early Childhood Education is rapidly developing and we all must support one another through this growth.
Greetings,Angela Parker

My name is Angela Parker. I graduated with a B.A. in Social Work in Human Services. I have dedicated my life to serving families. I have worked in several arenas where I help children and their parents. My pedagogy is that a successful child is centered on successful people. Children can thrive when people are encouraging them, believing in them, and instilling a zest of learning in them. We can can help mold children into believing they can make their dreams come true. I believe every child is destined for excellence. My greatest joy is being a mother to my two amazing boys. One is fifteen and the other is four. “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”– Maya Angelou