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Chicago, Illinois 60619
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Phone #: 773-892-2800

Prevention Initiative

  1. Screening
    • Children are screened using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire and the Ages & Stages Questionnaire- SE (ASQ and ASQ-SE) which are developmental screenings.
    • The developmental screenings (ASQ and ASQ-SE) are conducted within 45 calendar days of enrollment, and annually within 45 calendar days of the start of the program.
    • OUR staff is trained to use these screening tools.
  2. Research Based Classroom Curriculum
    • OUR classroom staff is trained and required to use an infant and toddler approved model research based classroom curriculum: Creative Curriculum for Infant, Toddlers and Twos.
  3. Developmental Monitoring
    • OUR classroom staff enters developmental assessment and monitoring information into Teaching Strategies Gold data base.
    • Parents receive quarterly developmental assessments.
  4. Professional Development Plan
    • OUR program submits annually to the Chicago Public School system site and individual staff professional development plans.
  5. Program Evaluation & Improvement Plan
    • We administer an annual evaluation
      • on OUR classroom environment,
      • program administration,
      • and complete an improvement plan based on the findings of the evaluations